How to pitch Atlanta magazine

How to pitch Atlanta magazine

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If you’re interested in submitting a pitch to Atlanta magazine, the publication has helpful, detailed instructions for helping freelancers do so. Here’s the link to their pitch parameters.


Whenever you pitch a magazine that relies on advertising, don’t simply think about the publication’s readers, think about its advertisers. More specifically, think about advertiser categories. Does the magazine have lots of ads from car dealerships, medical facilities, restaurants, women’s clothing retailers or companies that sell products to new mothers?

Creating a pitch around a topic that helps readers who purchase goods and services in a large advertiser category can help you increase your chances of selling a story. That’s because advertisers will want to have their ads placed near that article, helping the sales department.

For example, if you’re pitching a tennis publication, you might try, “Do’s and Dont’s of Practicing With a Ball Machine.” If you’re pitching a cooking publication you might try, “When to Use the Convection vs. Bake Setting on Countertop Ovens.” Trying to get into a shelter magazine with lots of bath advertisers? Offer, “Aging in Place. How to Upgrade a Bathroom for Parents.”

You don’t have to mention any products or companies in your article to stimulate advertiser (and publisher) interest. Some publications might provide you with expert sources to give you information for your article, and/or to provide generic (non-product) quotes. A quote like this for an aging-in-place article might look like, “Anti-scald valves are an inexpensive, DIY upgrade that helps prevent seniors from burning themselves with hot water during showers,” said Bob Smith, marketing director of Metro Atlanta Kitchens & Baths.

You might include in your pitch to a pet parent magazine, “I notice that you have a large number of pet sitters who advertise in your publication. Would you be interested in an article that helps your readers understand the difference between a dog walker and a professional pet sitter, what should be contained in a pet sitter contract, how to interview pet sitters and questions to ask, such as ‘Do you have general liability and control and carry insurance?'”



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