The Metro Atlanta Content Writers and Editors Hub is a community portal for Metro Atlanta’s writers and editors working at or for:

  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Custom publishers
  • Informational websites and blogs (broad-based)
  • Branded content studios or brokers

The site does not cover book publishing, technical writing, television, radio, narrow-focus blogging or academic publishing.

What is a ‘Content Writer/Editor’?

For the purposes of this website, a content writer or editor is someone who writes or edits for media outlets or agencies that provide public-facing dynamic and topical news and information, such as a magazine, newspaper or general-interest website (vs. more narrowly focused informational sources such as as a gardening website, fitness blog or internal business communications department.)

In short, if you are an editor or writer who has or could work for a…

  • Consumer magazine
  • B2B publication
  • Newspaper
  • Trade association magazine
  • Nonprofit organization’s newsletter
  • Website that provides timely news and information
  • Alumni magazine
  • Branded content studio or broker

…this site is for you.

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